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Adapting to Change is a Business Survival Skill

Great Speakers on Managing Change for Your Next Event

The external forces of disruptive change must be met by the conscious effort to adapt and perhaps even go one step further – to become the disruptor yourself.

Our experts provide transformative change management strategies and advice that can be put to work right away. Learn from them what top leaders and companies are doing right now to thrive and compete in unpredictable times.

Below are D’Amelio Network’s best speakers on disruptive change. Inquire about booking these speakers on change for your next business meeting, annual conference, team training, or business expo.



Former Navy Captain & Author, It's Your Ship

Former captain who led the best ship in the U.S. Navy, the USS Benfold. He inspires audiences to rethink how their organizations work and discover new paths to breakthrough performance.

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Fortune Magazine & Author, Talent is Overrated

Fortune’s Colvin covers the political, economic, technological, and competitive forces driving business disruption and how leaders are responding. His insights help audiences compete, manage risk, and seize opportunity.

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Co-Author, Mavericks at Work & Partner, ManagementLab

For over 20 years, LaBarre has used her writing, business consulting, and speaking to help organizations unleash and organize human potential in ever more powerful ways – helping them change the way they do change.

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Mike Abrashoff

"A standing ovation again!! Every time I use Mike, he has received a standing ovation."

Strategic Resources Group, Team Health


Geoff Colvin

“Geoff did an amazing job with our event. He was very thoughtful and thorough with his preparation and really hit the mark for us. He's a wonderful moderator!”

The Boston Consulting Group


Polly LaBarre

“I had high expectations, but you completely exceeded them! You were absolutely brilliant on all fronts: content, delivery, timing, storytelling, and more. Everyone I talked to cited your talk as the highlight of our conference.”



David Meerman Scott

“David did great. I wanted energy the morning of the event, and he delivered. Besides the energy, his message resonated with our partners in the audience as well as our internal Red Hat attendees.”

Red Hat


Bill Taylor

“Bill Taylor was outstanding. He was an entertaining storyteller who did a great job of connecting the dots between our business and his knowledge of client experience and innovation.”

Shook, Hardy and Bacon

Nicole_Malachowski-Headshot-17 copy.jpg


Pioneering Aviator and First Woman Thunderbird Pilot

Fighter pilot and 21-year Air Force veteran Col. Nicole Malachowski (USAF, Ret.) inspires audiences with lessons learned in combat, as a White House Fellow and adviser, and more -- leadership, creating a high-performance culture, dealing with change, and overcoming adversity

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Author, The New Rules of Marketing and PR & Top Marketing Blogger

The way most companies sell is out of alignment with the way people buy. Be fearless and close the gap with fresh, real-time sales & marketing strategies & tactics. Learn how to stand out online and win.

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Bill Taylor

Co-founder Fast Company & Author, Simply Brilliant

He’s encouraged a generation of executives and company-builders to think differently about the new world of work. Learn how fresh-thinking organizations in ordinary businesses are redefining their industries and professions.

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