Bill Taylor: ''Kill routine before it kills you.''
Why Average is Over!

Simply-Brilliant-Bill-TaylorThe future is open to everybody. 
In today's world, success is no longer just about price, performance, and features; it's about passion, emotion, and identity.

In this excerpt from his bestselling book, Simply Brilliant, author Bill Taylor reveals the elements that make up a values proposition, why companies that loyally operate to their values proposition are successful, and how great companies do ordinary things extraordinarily well.

Bestselling author and co-founder of Fast Company magazine, Bill Taylor has spent a career inspiring business leaders and saying, "Don't let what you know limit what you can imagine." In Simply Brilliant, he tells the stories of fifteen unique organizations and how they've achieved extraordinary things in ordinary industries. He's out to destroy the myth that game-changing innovation and execution are only possible in technology-driven firms.

"The thrill of breakthrough creativity and breakaway performance . . . can be summoned in all sorts of industries and all walks of life, if leaders can reimagine what's possible in their fields."

When you download Chapter 1 of Simply Brilliant, you'll learn:

  • Why a values proposition is so important to the success of any organization.
  • Why the most successful organizations are the ones that position themselves as an alluring alternative to a predictable status quo.
  • That companies who do things that other organizations can't or won't do are the ones that manage to rise above the pack and stand alone.
  • What 4 key pillars make up the "lighthouse identity" - a richly defined values proposition that clearly embodies what you stand for and separates you from the competition.
  • How multi-billion dollar companies like Metro Bank and SOL Cleaning Services created their "lighthouse identity."

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