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Great Speakers for Virtual Events

As more events with speakers have gone virtual, a new toolkit is being used to engage audiences. Polling, chat, breakout rooms, are already mainstream with more features coming. After all, unlike the in-person experience, in the virtual space, every seat is a front row seat. It can become a compelling and intimate experience.

Think beyond the keynote because in virtual it’s possible to pair fascinating people you’d otherwise not be able to get on the same stage. Conversation engages the audience in a completely different way from a keynote. It can be animated, revealing, and full of great surprises.

DN has great speaker choices for your next virtual program - several are also top-notch moderators and interviewers who can create a conversation the audience will talk about for months to come.



    Former Navy Captain Author, It's Your Ship


    Fortune Magazine & Author, Talent is Overrated


    Author, Veteran CNBC Senior Analyst; Bestselling Author & Financial Professional


    BBC World News America Anchor & Author, The Confidence Code


    Neuroscientist, Entrepreneur, and Author of Deviate


    Pioneering Aviator and First Woman Thunderbird Pilot


    Basketball Legend, Sport Broadcaster, & Humanitarian


    Legendary Pulitzer Prize-Winning Investigative Journalist, Author, and
    Associate Editor, The Washington Post


Former Commander, USS Benfold and Author, It’s Your Ship

Leading Successful Change  • Don’t Let Goals Limit Performance 

Execution – Rethink Every Process • Coaching, Mentoring & Training Attracting & Retaining Talent  

Innovation is a Team Effort • Culture of Accountability  • Increasing Employee Engagement

The Power of Diversity  • Safety is No Accident  • Leading Virtually


SUMMARY: Mike Abrashoff was the most-junior officer in the Pacific Fleet when he took command of the near-worst performing ship. Twelve months later, the USS Benfold was the best ship in the entire Navy – using the same crew. The story of that stunning transformation has lessons for every organization: leadership matters – and culture is everything. Mike’s written three books – his first, It’s Your Ship, has sold over 1 million copies. His Leadership Roadmap offers clear, battle-tested, and actionable steps. Mike shows people at every level of the organization how to engage and take incremental steps toward change that can make a dramatic difference at work. Mike is clear, “I didn’t turn the ship around – my crew did that. What I did was to create an environment where they felt safe, empowered and supported.
When you do that, anything is possible.”


Senior Editor-at-Large, Fortune and Bestselling Author; Arming Leaders to Confront Disruption Change and Win

Leading Ahead of Disruption  • How to Create the Future Friction-free Business  

Purpose vs. Profits  • Economic Outlook Business Model Innovation High-Value Job Skills 

New Tech Will Change Your Business Even More  • The Future of Work Washington Policy Update  

Regional Development Focus How Great Performers Get Great  • Moderator/Host/Emcee


SUMMARY: The best companies and leaders win by confronting reality faster than the competition. Geoff Colvin of Fortune delivers valuable insights to help them do just that. His unique perspective stems from unparalleled access to top global business leaders who tell him what they’re seeing, thinking, and doing. As a result, Geoff can provide audiences with a clearer path for an uncertain future. Geoff unpacks actionable insights on the economic, market, political, and technological forces driving disruptive change. Geoff’s columns and cover stories in Fortune have earned him millions of loyal fans, many of whom also hear him on the CBS Radio Network, where he reaches seven million listeners each week. Geoff Colvin is author of four books including the groundbreaking international bestseller Talent Is Overrated: What Really Separates World-Class Performers from Everybody Else. His latest book is The New York Times bestseller Humans are Underrated which looks at the future of work and how humans will fit into a workplace filled with robots and smart technology.


CNBC Senior Analyst and Commentator, Trailblazing Financial Journalist,
Bestselling Author and Financial Professional

U.S./Global Economic Outlook  • Washington’s Impact on Business Risk – The Message of the Markets

New Technologies Will Rock Your World Capitalism Under Pressure  • Future of Regenerative Medicine

The History/Future of Money  • Demographics as Destiny Orwellian Surveillance and China’s Future

A History of Financial Markets  • Moderator/Interviewer/Host


SUMMARY:As the world works to recover from the paralyzing effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, Ron Insana has been connecting the dots to give his audience a clearer idea of what the economic future might look like. As a pioneering financial journalist, Ron has covered the most important economic stories of our lifetime over his nearly four decades on television. He even won an Emmy Award for his reporting about 9/11. Currently senior analyst and commentator with CNBC where he also served as anchor and correspondent since 1991, Ron also hosts The Market Score Board Report, a thrice-daily nationally syndicated radio program. As a financial journalist, Ron stands alone as someone who ran his own hedge fund – experience that makes his insights all the more valuable. He’s also written for Money magazine, USA Today, and authored four bestselling books on investing and reading the financial markets. In Ron’s speeches, he looks at how Wall Street, Main Street and Washington are intersecting  and translates the market signals and political maneuvers into actionable information everyone can understand and use to protect what they have and navigate an uncertain future.


Lead Anchor, BBC World News America and Bestselling Author; Insights on American Politics, Global Affairs and Issues for Women

Washington Update  • Global Politics Election Outlook  • Women in the Workplace

Women and Confidence  • Raising Confident Girls Moderator/Interviewer/Host

SUMMARY: Washington, D.C.-based British news anchor Katty Kay brings a fresh perspective to the reporting of American politics and global affairs. Katty’s insights reflect a global mindset that is a natural offshoot of having grown up in the Middle East and worked as a journalist in Europe, Africa, and Asia before coming to Washington in 1996. The award-winning journalist is currently co-anchor of Beyond 100 Days, a one-hour news program that covers Washington politics and its impact globally. The show airs to an enormous audience worldwide. Katty is also a regular guest and substitute co-host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe program. When she’s not busy making sense of the news from Washington and around the globe, Katty writes on the art and science of women and self-assurance - helping them turn thoughts into action to master a more confident mindset. She is co-author (with Claire Shipman) of three New York Times bestsellers: The Confidence CodeThe Confidence Code for Girls; and Womenomics.


Neuroscientist, Entrepreneur, and Author of Deviate

Adapting to Change  •  Seeing the World Differently  •  Leading with Doubt  •  Creativity  •  Innovation

Enhancing Performance  •  Science  •  Collaboration  •. Education  •  Conference Opener or Closer

SUMMARY: The only way to thrive in a rapidly changing world is to change with it. We know that. But the biggest barrier is in our heads. Neuroscientist and entrepreneur BEAU LOTTO shows why adapting – moving from A to B – means first moving from A to not-A. We need to let go of the assumptions and beliefs that keep us from seeing the world differently. A world-renowned expert in the science of perception, Beau reveals why trading certainty for doubt increases our capacity to adapt, lead, innovate, and thrive in the darkness of “I don’t know.”


First Woman Thunderbird Pilot, Combat Veteran, Fighter Squadron Commander, White House Fellow & Adviser, and Indomitable Spirit

Harnessing Change  • A Culture of Excellence  • Motivational Peak Performance  • Execution

Teamwork & Trust Handling Disruption  • Leadership  • Women & Career Overcoming Adversity 

Inspiration Becoming the Best Adaptability  • Diversity  • Accountability  • Healthcare

SUMMARY: Col. Nicole Malachowski, USAF (Ret.) defies stereotypes. Yes, she was a jet fighter pilot, but if you think you know her based on that, you’d be wrong. A leader, a combat veteran, the first woman pilot on the Thunderbirds Air Demonstration Squadron, a White House Fellow, and an inductee into both the National Women’s Hall of Fame and the Women in Aviation International Pioneer Hall of Fame, Nicole’s distinguished 21-year Air Force career exceeded her wildest dreams. But the dream came to an end when a devastating tick-borne illness left her struggling greatly to speak or walk for almost nine months. An indomitable spirit, Nicole fought back against overwhelming odds and prevailed. Drawing on stories from her career and personal life, Nicole inspires audiences to rethink the challenges they face every day. She urges them to go beyond resilience and become resurgent. Nicole empowers people with three key beliefs: failure and risk is the price of entry for achieving something great; sometimes you need to yield to overcome; and her personal mantra – “nobody wants to lead a scripted life.”


Basketball Legend, Broadcaster, Humanitarian, and Survivor

Competing to Win  • Dream Big  • Leadership Flawless Execution Teams and Character

Resilience  • Persistence  • Importance of Planning  Organizational Culture  • Healthcare

SUMMARY: Basketball legend Bill Walton is one of sports’ most recognizable and beloved figures. His success on the court is well-documented; the nation’s top college basketball star at UCLA under legendary coach John Wooden, he then played for two NBA Championship teams – the Portland Trail Blazers and Boston Celtics. But Bill’s nightmarish challenges off the court are less known. He stuttered so badly he couldn’t say a simple “thank you” until he was 28 years old. And a foot disorder led to 37 surgeries on his feet, legs, and back – keeping him sidelined over half of his NBA career. Armed with grit and a positive outlook, Bill improbably overcame it all. He was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame and named to the “50 Greatest NBA Players of All-Time” list. After his playing career, Bill pursued broadcasting; he is currently covering Pac-12 games on ESPN. Bill Walton has led a life of humility in service of inspiring others. His autobiography, Back from the Dead, was a New York Times bestseller and he is perhaps the best-known Deadhead, having seen over 900 shows.


Legendary Pulitzer Prize-Winning Investigative Journalist
Associate Editor, The Washington Post and Author, 20 Bestsellers

SUMMARY: Bob Woodward gained international attention when he and Carl Bernstein uncovered the Watergate scandal in 1973. Since then, he’s worked to shine a light on the inner-workings of secret government. Woodward’s non-partisan revelations to readers and speech audiences provide a view of Washington they’ll never get elsewhere. Woodward has written about the last nine U.S. presidents and chronicled how the power of the presidency has evolved. He is author of 20 bestselling books – 14 were #1 – more than any contemporary nonfiction writer. His bestseller, Fear: Trump in the White House, is the deepest dive ever made into the first months of any American president. Woodward’s 20th book, Rage, was released on September 15, 2020 and goes behind the scenes of the Trump presidency like never before. In his speeches, Woodward looks at the expanding powers of the presidency and how this president and administration are governing. He can also compare and contrast the nine presidents he’s covered and their impact on history. And finally, he can assess the role of the media and how well it is (or isn’t) doing its job. Audiences will be awe-struck by insights from this living journalistic legend. Currently associate editor for The Washington Post where he’s worked since 1971, Bob Woodward has won nearly every American journalism award including two Pulitzers.

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